About Us
Inno Fisheries Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2003 to explore new investment potentials/opportunities in agro-based related
industries, namely, fisheries, agri cash/food crops and livestock; develop a pool of skilled workers/contract farmers/entrepreneurs
to support the industries through industrial training programs; and promote socio-economic development.

Inno Fisheries Sdn. Bhd. manages the following projects:

  •   Seaweed Project
  •   Coral Project

and collaborates with other national/international proponents on:

  •   Integrated Lobster Aquaculture Park
  •   Integrated Fruit Farming Hub
  •   Shrimp Aquaculture Park
  •   Integrated Scallop Aquaculture Park

(1) Seaweed Project Semporna
This project undertakes seaweed (euchuema cottonii) farming using raga system making large scale implementation possible with
the use of the combined harvester and solar dryer. Raga system farming produces better yield in terms of quantity and quality as
well as maximising the acreage used. To upgrade the small farmers, Inno Fisheries Sdn. Bhd. is collaborating with Agrobank in
micro financing the raga system to enable them to increase their farm production.
(2) Coral Project Semporna
This project undertakes the mariculture of corals as a sustainable means of supplying hard and soft coral species. Cultured corals
adapt better to aquarium conditions compared to wild corals and also satisfy the requirements of CITES (Convention on
International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. This project also provides the rehabilitation services for
destroyed coral reef to preserve the coastal ecosystems. This project has expanded to include ornamental fish as a 'package' for
aquarium hobbyists.
(3) Sea Cage Farming Project
This project focuses on food fish such as tiger grouper, humpback grouper, red snapper and sea bass. It also provides a market
outlook for farmers for their produce at market prices.

(5) Intergrated Lobster Aquaculture Park Semporna
Inno Fisheries Sdn. Bhd. is collaborating with Darden Aquafarm, a subsidiary of Darden inc. (a Fortune 500 company in full
service seafood restaurant chains) to jointly develop an integrated  Lobster Aquaculture Park (iLAP). The RM2billion project,
vertical integrated in nature will include hatchery; production; feed; and processing. As the world's first iLAP, it will foresee the
development of 6,000 hectares for commercial tropical lobster production (in phases); 700 hectares for R&D; training and
demonstration farm and 2,600 hectares for mussel (feed) production.
(4) Shrimp Farming Project Pitas
Sunlight Inno Seafood Sdn. Bhd., a joint venture company between Inno Fisheries Sdn. Bhd. and Sunlight Group (a shrimp
producer and processor) will implemented the shrimp farming project focusing on
Pacific White or Whiteleg shrimp which will
include hatchery, grow-out and feed. It will develop a research and development laboratory and training centre. The project will
replicate Integrated Aquaculture Project model (IZAQ) with an integrated infrastructure consisting of hatcheries, grow-out areas, a
processing plant and feed mill. The project will be developed in two phases with phase one on commercial production and phase
two on downstream activities with the latter involving the development of entrepreneurial farmers (contract farming).
(6) Pilot Scallop Farming Project Silam
A pilot project in scallop farming between Inno Fisheries Sdn. Bhd. and Borneo Scallops Sdn. Bhd. (JV Company- China/Malaysia)
is being  implemented to assess the suitability of the proposed commercial scallop culture (grow out) at the sea space off Silam,
Lahad Datu.
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