Acropora Valida
Acropora Nobilis
Acropora Verweyi
Turbinaria Reniformis
Stylophora Pistillata
Stylophora Pistillata
Flowerpot Coral
Porites Cylindrical
Jeweled Finger Coral
Hydrophora Exesa
Merullina Scabricula
Cauliflower Coral
Coral Project (Semporna)
This is a pioneer project in the commercialisation of cultured live
corals to meet the increasing demand for marine ornamentals
worldwide. The mariculture of corals has been proven successful
as a sustainable means of supplying hard and soft coral species.
Cultured corals adapt better to aquarium conditions compared to
wild corals. As cultured corals satisfied the requirements of the
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild
Fauna and Flora (CITES), the project has obtained the export
permit and CITES for the sale of cultured corals. The project also
provides rehabilitation services for destroyed coral reef to
preserve the coastal ecosystems. The project has expanded to
include ornamental fish as a "package" for aquarium hobbyists
and has obtained the export permit for the sale of ornamental
fish as well as the import permit for food fish fry.
Sarcophyton sp.
Xenia sp.
Sinularia Flexibilis
Pulse Coral
Xenia sp.
Pulse Coral
very attractive polyps
Nephthea sp.
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